April Highlights!

Meet the Plant Doctor

Tuesday, April 15th at 1:00 pm

Bring your sick plants to the Free Plant Clinic!

Bring your sick plants to the Free Plant Clinic!

Join us as professional Master Gardeners from The University of Florida/Volusia County Extension host their famous “Plant Doctor Clinic.” Arrive at your convenience to “Ask the Masters” any gardening and plant questions you have. Troubleshoot your roots with the experts!

Celebrate Poetry Month

Sixth Annual “Open Mic” Poetry Festival
Open to the Public Ages 18 yrs – Up
Sign up at NSB Library Reference Desk
or call the Library Reference Desk @ (386) 424-2910
Saturday, April 19th @ 2:00pm

Computer Lab

The Computer Lab, located in the Adult Computer area. offers hands-on instruction to patrons in a quiet facility in the library. The Computer Lab hours will support an open curriculum to answer questions about basic computer use, email, the Internet, eBooks, and job search/resume writing.
Open Lab Hours:

  • Tuesday: 9-11 AM
  • Wednesday: 1-3 PM
  • Thursday: 3-4:30 PM

Library laptops are available on a first come/first serve basis. Patrons are welcome to bring their own laptops.

American Public Libraries: A Forgotten Social Institution?

Last week, NPR ran a series on American public libraries. The series immediately filled me with a sentimental wave of nostalgia. One of my earliest memories is packing up my teddy bear and a sack lunch and driving to the Lincoln Township Public Library for their annual Teddy Bear Picnic. I also remember taking a writing workshop at the library in second or third grade, which lead to my first publication, “Friends of the Sea.” As an undergraduate, I spent countless hours at the Harold Washington Library in Chicago studying or perusing the library’s extensive collection of foreign films. And a staff member at the Boston Public Library in Copley Square helped me navigate the IRS website when income tax forms first transitioned from a paper to online format.
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Tiny bike-based libraries pedal books to streets and parks

Pedal power and page-turning are like peanut butter and chocolate (although, OK, maybe not at the same exact time). So it’s peachy keen that libraries in cities like Seattle, Denver, Portland, and Tucson are combining the two to bring books to the masses.
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