Great Expectations for Friends in 2017!

Welcoming Four New Board Members in 2017.
Our efforts to recruit new board members and expand our active volunteer membership have been successful. In addition to our Executive Management Team, we are pleased to welcome four new board members in January 2017!
Executive Management Team Board Members: Diana Bardyn, Lois Troxell, Peggy Rooney, Tom Skove
New Board Members: Jan Clark, Noel C. Bickford, Deborah V. Samuels, Harriet Winokur.
Our new recruits to the board and our volunteers have already enabled us to enlarge and expand on our mission, with some noteworthy examples including:

  1. Our presence in the community at the Farmer’s Market and other events, and our special book sales;
  2. Our efforts to improve sales from the used book sale. Funding from used book sales saw a considerable downturn in 2016 after library renovations, when pricing, staffing and location were changed. Our new team has worked hard to find common ground and to create a comfortable browsing experience for patrons who visit our used book sale, and we are hopeful that our sales will be increasing in 2017.
  3. Our growing preK literacy efforts were expanded to include a local on-site weekly reading program.

This has already happened in the last months of 2016, and we have great expectations for 2017! None of this would have been possible without the new board members and volunteers who recently joined us!

Broaden Your Computer Skills in February!

Social Media and More!

Social Media and More!

Supporting Early Reading in Our Community!

In addition to our affiliation with the Dolly Parton Imagination Library that currently provides a book a month to over 400 children in New Smyrna Beach, we have recently launched an after school reading party for the children of the Greenlawn neighborhood. This pilot project is held weekly, on Wednesdays at 4pm, at the Greenlawn community center, and is headed by Debbie Samuels with the assistance of a group of volunteers.

Welcome to our Greenlawn Weekly Reading Party!

Welcome to our Greenlawn Weekly Reading Party!

Happenings at the Library: Toddlers to Teens!

Your Library: the Place for Kids!

Your Library: the Place for Kids!

Our 2016 Scholarship Winners

Breon Clark, Ashley Unger and Alexander Zois are three exceptional students who were awarded the Patricia and John Dowling Memorial Scholarship and the two Friends of the New Smyrna Beach Library scholarships this year.


Scholarships sponsored by Friends of the New Smyrna Beach Library


Volunteer Opportunities with Friends

We need your skills and creativity!

If you are looking for an opportunity to share your skills and creativity, we hope you will consider joining our team and becoming a volunteer. We have projects and plans for 2016, and we need a little help from members of our community who have a time to spare, who love books and libraries and who want to help our community’s children through our preK literacy programs.

We are actively looking for help in the following areas:

  • preK literacy committee and outreach activities (We are growing and we need help!),
  • membership events and outreach,
  • writing press material, online blogging, Facebook administration.

If you are interested or would like to know more, please complete the volunteer information sheet, mail it or simply drop it off at the library, and a board member will contact you!

Electronic Toys Lose Out in Encouraging Early Language Skills

By Sharon Wills
Just read a heartwarming article on the benefits of reading good old books and playing with simple toys – no technology, no talking creatures, no bells or lights. Researchers installed sound equipment in 26 homes of parents with infants 12 to 16 months old to record child/parent verbalizing while playing with different types of toys and books. It’s a small sample size but with definitive results: playing with electronic toys resulted in decreased quantity and quality of language input. Hurrah for simplicity!


“These results add to the large body of evidence supporting the potential benefits of book reading with very young children.”

Read the article on Neuroscience News!

Our revised bylaws (May 4, 2016) are now available online.
On October 5th, 2016, the board moved to adopt a horizontal organizational structure in the form of an executive management team comprised of all current board members who individually act as a liaison officer for our standing committees and who collectively confer and seek consensus on any matter that exceeds their individual expertise. This modification was enacted to respond to our lack of a candidate for president for the elections. It is also our hope that by eliminating a level of hierarchy we would better empower our standing committees while continuing to encourage an environment focused on collaboration and efficiency. This is a natural evolution of the kind of teamwork and consensus decision making that have had in the past.