Two Exceptional Young Women Awarded Friends of the Library Scholarships

Tatiana and Ariel

Tatiana Raevsky and Ariel Chivers

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The New Smyrna Beach Library is Honored to Receive a Painting by Florida Artist Harold Garde

Carlos next to "The Surfer and the Cat"

Carliss standing next to “The Surfer and the Cat”

Grateful to our Dedicated Book Sale Volunteers!

Dedicated book sale volunteers, Joyce and Dottie.

Dedicated book sale volunteers, Joyce and Dottie (Arlene not pictured).

Comments from our members:

  • Two amazing ladies– I’d say two legends but that makes them seem too old!
  • Well done ladies! My home library is stocked with used books from you. A tremendous resource!
  • Thank you for your service, Ladies!!

Computer Lab

The Computer Lab, located in the Adult Computer area. offers hands-on instruction to patrons in a quiet facility in the library. The Computer Lab hours will support an open curriculum to answer questions about basic computer use, email, the Internet, eBooks, and job search/resume writing.
Open Lab Hours:

  • Tuesday: 9-11 AM
  • Wednesday: 1-3 PM
  • Thursday: 3-4:30 PM

Library laptops are available on a first come/first serve basis. Patrons are welcome to bring their own laptops.

Tiny bike-based libraries pedal books to streets and parks

Pedal power and page-turning are like peanut butter and chocolate (although, OK, maybe not at the same exact time). So it’s peachy keen that libraries in cities like Seattle, Denver, Portland, and Tucson are combining the two to bring books to the masses.
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