Circulation and Volunteer News

The lazy-hazy-crazy days of summer are in full swing. The winter patrons and volunteers have flown back north, which means that the students from local schools have been taking advantage dedicating volunteer hours at the library for their academic scholarships and graduation requirements. Currently, the Circulation Department has already had at least 8 high school students this year alone volunteer their services for check-in, receiving, shelving, reservation calling, and shelf-reading. …/…
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Computer Classes to Get You Up-to-speed!

Join Charlyn on Wednesdays and get up-to-speed with your computer skills!

Join Charlyn on Wednesdays and get up-to-speed with your computer skills!

When we ask our members how they feel about computers their answers range from “Wish I had never heard the word,” to “How did we ever live without them!” Regardless of our personal feelings, we can all agree that like the wheel and light bulb computers are here to stay. We use them to write, to keep in touch with friends and family. We download books to our Kindles and Nooks and iPads, and carry our library with us wherever we go. We shop online and fill out forms and applications for almost every service that exists. (…more)

Remembering Sallie Minna Rubin O’Donnell

Sallie was born with a zest for life, which remained unquenched to the end. She loved books, music, dance, art, plays, movies, and never stinted attending as many cultural events as she could manage, sometimes several in one day. In 2002, she founded the R.E.A.D. (Reading, Enjoying and Discussing) Book Club, which meets monthly at the New Smyrna Beach Library. For R.E.A.D. members, she ordered tickets and organized car pools for events throughout central Florida and as far as Gainesville. Her enthusiasm carried others along with her. She loved good food and planned eating events at touted restaurants each month with R.E.A.D members.
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Celebrating Our Dedicated Library Staff Members

Staff and Friends Share Lunch and Bunny Fun!

Staff and Friends Share Lunch and Bunny Fun!

The New Smyrna Beach Library operates with the help of 18 dedicated and committed professionals. It was our pleasure to let them know, on behalf of all members of Friends and the community of New Smyrna Beach, how much they are appreciated. We all know that libraries are much more than shelves holding books. Libraries are about community. Whatever service you use at the library, from the children’s programs to the computer lab classes to the diverse programming for adults, the information desk and more, these staff members are there for you, vigilant and always looking to make your library experience a memorable one.
From 12 until 2pm on Tuesday, March 24th, it was our pleasure to surprise them with lunch, dessert, coffee and a Bunny! Our special thanks go to the following local businesses and organizations.

  • Thank you to Little Theater of New Smyrna Beach for lending us the bunny costume.
  • Thank you to the wonderful Hotties Coffee who provided us with freshly brewed coffee, including cups and stir sticks and delivery, all free of charge!
  • Thank you also to Mon Delice who provided a generous discount on our dessert trays!

Computer Lab

The Computer Lab, located in the Adult Computer area. offers hands-on instruction to patrons in a quiet facility in the library. The Computer Lab hours will support an open curriculum to answer questions about basic computer use, email, the Internet, eBooks, and job search/resume writing.
Open Lab Hours:

  • Tuesday: 9-11 AM
  • Wednesday: 1-3 PM
  • Thursday: 3-4:30 PM

Library laptops are available on a first come/first serve basis. Patrons are welcome to bring their own laptops.