By Joyce Howie, New Smyrna Beach FL

Bless the Bride

I love a good mystery. An Agatha Christie kind of mystery. So when a friend recommended Rhys Bowen’s “Molly Murphy Mysteries” I was skeptical. My requirements are that the book be set in the Victorian era and have as its background authentic historical facts. Rhys Bowen is a genius. And her series have won multiple awards. One being the Anthony and Agatha award.

Evan and Elle

The heroine is a young Irish lass and gets involved in the Irish- English strife unwittingly. She is now a fugitive and finds herself on a ship to America, bound for New York City’s Ellis Island. She is alone with no resources except herself and her determination to survive. Of course there is a Victorian- style romance which I admit makes the whole thing more fun. These are a light, fun read. Probably favored more by the ladies. However, Ms. Bowen has another series entitled “Constable Evans Mysteries”. I look forward to my reading time with these books for a long time.

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